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Family Puzzle Keychain Set,Plexiglass Keychain,Lasercut acrylic,Gifts Under 25


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Angel Heart Brooch,Plexiglass Pin,Lasercut Acrylic,Gifts Under 25


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Black Cat Necklace,Halloween Jewelry,Animal Necklace,Gifts Under 25


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Hot Pink Elephant Necklace,Plexiglass Jewelry,Elephant Jewelry,Gifts Under 25


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Black Geometric Necklace,Plexiglass Jewelry,Statement Necklace, Choker,Lasercut Acrylic


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Gold Plexiglass Puzzle Necklace,Plexiglass Jewelry,Geek Necklace,Gifts Under 25


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Bugga:Cheerfull Plexiglass Jewelry

Welcome to Buggadesign.
The colorfull and funny lasercut acrylic (perspex) jewelery world of necklaces,rings,brooches,earrings @Etsy. Animal Kingdom( the black cat,the goldfish ,birdcage etc) ,Toys For Big Girls( Puzzles,paperdolls etc) ,Love & Angels (heart shaped brooches and keychains) are the main series of our collection

Accessories are produced within limited quantities.All items are hand made and often made to order.We also make personalized designs in acrylic.

Feel free to convo us for any question or doubt..
**We're interested in sales by order and wholesale, just contact us!

you can also check our facebook group page,!/group.php?gid=6249560982&ref=ts