Bugga is a renovation project. Converting unwanted bits & bobs into fashionable accessoires like pins,necklaces,shoes,earrings, bags etc.

As a child my first materials to make accessories were leftover pieces of my granma's and mom'm sewing ....my first customer was myself.As years passed I decided to get to know the chemistry of both people and materials so I have become a chemical engineer.For 10 years I worked at different areas in the textile business as fabric product developer,merhandising agent and a sales manager.Meanwhile I collected all the leftover fabrics and accessories to make something usefull and fasionable someday. My first products were bags for summer and shoes..After 10 years I quited my job as a fabric sales manager and decided to gather my renovated products under the name of Bugga brand.While making shoes I started collecting leather leftvers from the shoe ateiler and started making pins and hair accessories out of them ...then I met laser cutting machines and eversince I enjoy working with plexiglass...What inspires me are the materials and forms also working procedures maybe as I am an engineered based designer.As bugga we sell thourogh some designer shops in Istanbul , participate in design festivals also we throw our mini sales parties..
Bugga means renovate our soul for us...as making of each new item islike a meditation for us renovating a piece of our soul everyday...

Bugga:Cheerfull Plexiglass Jewelry

Welcome to Buggadesign.
The colorfull and funny lasercut acrylic (perspex) jewelery world of necklaces,rings,brooches,earrings @Etsy. Animal Kingdom( the black cat,the goldfish ,birdcage etc) ,Toys For Big Girls( Puzzles,paperdolls etc) ,Love & Angels (heart shaped brooches and keychains) are the main series of our collection

Accessories are produced within limited quantities.All items are hand made and often made to order.We also make personalized designs in acrylic.

Feel free to convo us for any question or doubt..
**We're interested in sales by order and wholesale, just contact us!

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